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Did You Know That A Regular Scale and Polish Will Help You and Your Family Feel Confident Again?

Regular dental teeth cleaning and polishing is the cornerstone for a lifetime of dental health and the best insurance you can have for keeping a healthy and attractive smile! In order to maintain good oral health, it is vital to visit your dentist every 6 months.

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What is Scaling and Polishing (S&P)?

To put it simply, it is the removal of plaque and calculus deposits from around your teeth and gums that cannot be removed by brushing.

Going for your regular check-up helps keep your gums and teeth healthy. It also allows early detection of any problems such as gum disease, dental cavities/tooth decay and oral cancer.

Why do you need to do scaling & polishing?

  • To remove stains caused by food (coffee / tea) or tobacco.
  • To remove tartar or calculus – this helps prevent gum diseases which are the main cause of gum recession, loose teeth and subsequently, tooth loss.
  • To allow screening for oral disease like decay and
  • To learn about how best to keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy.
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What is Plaque?

Plaque is a creamish, whitish deposit found on the tooth. It contains a lot of bacteria that causes tooth decay and gum disease.

How to know if you have plaque?

  • Run your tongue along the surface of your front teeth? Does it feel rough?
  • Now scrap the surface of your Tooth with your finger nail you see any whitish deposit beneath your nails? That’s plaque.

Plaque can be removed by brushing and flossing but some remain behind and harden to form calculus

The structures that hold your teeth firmly to your bone may become affected too and your can lose your teeth.

Dental Cleaning

Plaque can be removed by brushing and flossing but some remain behind and harden to form calculus

Calculus has a lot of bacteria and bacteria toxins and can lead to irritation and inflammation of your gum called gingivitis or gum disease.

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PS- one sign to know if you have gum disease is that you may notice slight bleeding when you brush your teeth. If gingivitis is not treated, these bacteria may invade your gum and affect the deeper structures and cause your gums to recede.

Dental Cleaning

The structures that hold your teeth firmly to your bone may become affected too and your can lose your teeth.

What Are The Procedures Which are involved in Scaling & Polishing?


Specialized instruments are used to gently remove plaque and calculus deposits without harming your teeth. The ultrasonic scaler uses vibrations to loosen hardened tartar that sticks to the teeth/in between teeth. Water spray is also used to wash away the debris. There may be a high pitch buzzing sound heard from the scaler during the scaling process.


Polishing is usually carried out after scaling to remove stains and make your teeth feel smooth and shiny. Polishing is done with a soft rubber cup/brush that spins. Prophylaxis paste – a special toothpaste-like material is scooped up into the cup and spun around on the teeth.

Prophyjet polishing uses a pressurized spray of air and water with sodium hydrogencarbonate powder to remove stains, plaque and soft debris from your teeth. It may taste slightly salty.

It is advised that you take your oral health and hygiene seriously as these gum diseases have shown links to other health conditions that can affect your overall health and not just your mouth e.g.

  • Having low term weight babies in pregnant women,
  • Infective endocarditis in heart patients


  • Visit your Dentist for regular check up with scaling and polishing every 6 months
  • Clean your mouth at least twice daily, in the morning(preferably after breakfast) and at night before bed.

  • Rinse your mouth thoroughly with water after each meal

  • Floss daily

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I went to 3-J dental clinic and was very happy with the work carried out on removing my loose crown which a dentist in.London could not and then 're-cementing back.in place. Everyone was very helpful and done an absolutely amazing job and my tooth is now stronger than ever. The cost is also very fair considering it was short notice as well I would definitely recommend for anyone needing a dentist in the P-Harcourt area. Thanks once again 3-J.
Steven Hadlow
I went in for a crown replacement, and the treatment I got all round was superb! Everyone was professional on all the right levels. The synergy between the doctors and nurses is worthy of high praise. I had four visits, and was treated with care and patience for each one. Awesome personalized service, well-equipped facility, skilled doctors and nurses, clean and happy environment! I definitely recommend!
-Ngozi Okoroafor
This is a fully furnished dental clinic. Located along the east west road, it can be easily accessed. Parking is not a problem. The reception is nice and cosy. The clinic offers professional dental care. They are fully equipped and have very experienced professionals. Customer service is also good. They offer Family dental care, Tooth fillings and repairs, Scaling & polishing, Teeth extraction, Surgical extractions,Teeth whitening, Root canal therapy,Veneers,Crowns, Bridges, Dentures ,etc. They are open during the week from 8am - 5pm, and on Saturdays: 8am - 2pm
-L Y N N “P O P E S”

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